Under Three Things, 2018-19   Archival inkjet print and on-site performance at NOMA  “At select intervals throughout the run of  Ear to the Ground,  the New Orleans-based artist Cristina Molina hosted a series of intimate guided tours of the exhibition in which she assumed the perspective of the earth, personified. Drawing upon cultural mythologies of the underworld, or underground, Molina guided museum visitors through a whispered exploration of the exhibition in which the different artworks in the show constituted the topography of an imagined underground landscape.  Inspired by the classical myth of Persephone, who was doomed to spend a third of the year in the underworld as a bride of Hades, Molina offered a counter-narrative to the well-worn interpretation of Persephone as victim. Her performance reimagines this mythological figure as an empowered goddess of the underworld who harnesses the power and potential of the earth to reposition the underworld as a place of primordial cultural emergence.”  -Katie Pfohl, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, New Orleans Museum of Art
  The Matriarchs,    2016 - 2017    Archival Pigment Prints + Single Channel Video with custom designed textile pattern.   In  The Matriarchs,  I collaborate with all the women in my family to produce a series of still-life photographs, portraits, and cinematic imagery. References to mythical protagonists such as saints, deities, and other famous icons are interjected throughout. The images emphasize physical gestures of connectivity, hierarchy, balance, and tension--all allusions to the dynamics that exist between women in family units. Set in the subtropics, the work conflates female identity amidst a disappearing South Floridian territory. Ultimately this series is about contemplating loss while maintaining that the feminine presence is tender, generative, and powerful.
  Sea Pastures,  2016  Site-specific video installation derived from paper collages. 
  New, 2013  | Deconstructed artist's book (4" x 6"): eight digital collage c-prints and risograph text inside of custom made envelopes + Digital animation made from cut fragments of original images.  Commissioned by Pelican Bomb's community supported art program, get yours  here
  Crystal Radio ,  2012-16   Interactive installation with custom denta-mandibular sound transmitting lollipops, and miniature video projections, inside of mirrored hexagonal sculptures.
  Sabor-Saber-Savor ,  2011-14   Photographic installation with stereo visor.
  Darling / Dearest 2011-13   Singing greeting card with proximity sensor and filigree engraving. 
 Installation view of  Two Fans, 2012  at the Contemporary Art Gallery at Southeastern Louisiana University.  Single Channel HD video.