click to play  Ice of the World  video.
  Sea Pastures,  2016  Site-specific video installation derived from paper collages. 
  New, 2013  | Deconstructed artist's book (4" x 6"): eight digital collage c-prints and risograph text inside of custom made envelopes + Digital animation made from cut fragments of original images.  Commissioned by Pelican Bomb's community supported art program, get yours  here
  Crystal Radio ,  2012-16   Interactive installation with custom denta-mandibular sound transmitting lollipops, and miniature video projections, inside of mirrored hexagonal sculptures.
  Sabor-Saber-Savor ,  2011-14   Photographic installation with stereo visor.
  Darling / Dearest 2011-13   Singing greeting card with proximity sensor and filigree engraving. 
 Installation view of  Two Fans, 2012  at the Contemporary Art Gallery at Southeastern Louisiana University.  Single Channel HD video.