TERRESTRIAL group exhibition at Revolve Gallery in Asheville opening May 2nd! / by Cristina Molina

Rooted in the earthbound while gazing skyward, the Terrestrial exhibition stages human figures within shifting landscapes. Concerns for a changing planet resonate across the series as moments between earthly environments and human inhabitants are fragmented and re-configured. Moving across sculptural, print and 4-dimensional algorithmic works, the artists selected are linked by their crossing of mythical vision and grounded reality.

Cyane Tornatzky’s ‘Adrift’ series reflects Earth as our one planet, a fragile home adrift in the universe. Cristina Molina’s ‘The Matriarchs’ intersperses female identity amidst a disappearing South Floridian territory. Her series contemplates loss while maintaining that the feminine presence is tender, generative and powerful. Angela Ferraiolo’s ‘Beach & Pool’ presents figures in two swimming contexts, one natural and one artificial. These positions scatter and coalesce as the footage is processed through custom noise and sorting algorithms, then re-rendered to the screen. The result shows a struggle between order and chaos as pixel color positions begin to fall apart. Victoria Bradbury and Mark Hursty’s ‘Re-processed Garden’ is a fledgling ecosystem mediated by architecture, sensors and custom software.

Terrestrial is curated by Victoria Bradbury.

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