Performance of 'Quintet' at Southern Sonic, Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans / by Cristina Molina

From the CAC's website: "Southern Sonic is a new festival at the CAC for audiences who seek new aural experiences. This weekend-long event will present local and regional artists working at the outer boundaries of experimental music, sound art, and sound-based visual art. With a host of world premiers and new collaborations, the festival will feature work that runs the gambit of the genre- from experimental hip hop to avant chamber music; from utopian installation environments to sonified architecture, and from remixes of vintage cinema to airborne music made by drones."

My collaboration "Quintet" with Philip Schuessler will premiere on May 11th at the CAC! The piece will be performed by the Versipel New Music Collective

Check out the Southern Sonic's page for more info.